Medical Forms

  • The Hillsborough City School District does not allow school personnel, including the nurse, to give ANY medication without our district Medication Authorization Form signed by both parent/guardian and the child’s physician or nurse practitioner.

    The schools do not provide any over the counter medication. The parent/guardian is responsible for supplying all medication (prescription and over-the-counter) that their child may need. This includes ALL over the counter medications, even cough drops, that will be kept in the school office.

    It is the parent's/guardian's responsibility to update the Medication Authorization Form at the beginning of each school year.

    Per California Education Code 49423, any student who is required to take medication during school hours must have a written statement from a physician detailing the name of the medication, the route, dose and time schedules for the medication to be taken.

    • Prescription medication must be in the original container, labeled with the student’s name, name of prescribing physician, name of medication and instructions. Medication will be stored in the school medication cabinets, and dispensed by trained school personnel.
    • Over the counter medication must be in the original container and authorized by the parent and physician. Students are not permitted to carry medication, over the counter or prescription, without a current authorization form on file.

    Medical forms must be renewed yearly with providers signature. Forms listed below are also available at all school site offices.