School Events


    There are many assemblies scheduled for the students throughout the year. Here are the assemblies typically found in an average school year: Welcome (1x/year), Character education (1x/month), Student Council (1), Fire safety (1x/year), HPD (1x/year), Author (2x/year), Cultural (funded by Parent Group - 3x/year), Dress rehearsals for the musicals (3x/year), Spelling Bee (1x/year), and Student Recognition (1x/year).


    The North Parent Group (NPG) hosts a Book Fair every year, giving students and parents the opportunity to purchase books. Proceeds directly benefit the library. One evening is set aside for a Family Book Fair night families may attend together.


    The NPG holds “Fathers and Friends Day” every year at North. All fathers and friends are invited to North School for the day to serve the school in some way. Fathers and friends participate in service projects around the school and get to help in their child’s classroom on this special day. The day started over a decade ago as a way for dads to get to know one another and it has grown into a larger than life day and extremely well-attended event.


    The NPG sponsors a Family Heritage Day every spring. Parents, with heritage ties to many regions around the globe, gather in the MPR for a morning of learning and cultural experiences. Parents may choose to bring a display to teach the students about a culture they just learned about, or about a culture they associate with. The students enjoy going around to each display booth to learn about the various cultures. This is a popular event with the parents and children alike. The event is meant to be a way for families to share their heritages, and it is not meant to be an instructional tool for broad multicultural understanding.


    The last week of school, the PE teacher holds a field day for all of the students on the North field. The fifth grade students are trained to lead a variety of outdoor physical activity stations. Students in K-4th grade rotate through the stations as a class team to complete each physical challenge.


    Every year, all 5th grade students participate in a small group, year-long, Design Thinking challenge in the I-Lab. The challenge is always modeled after the San Jose Tech Museum Design Thinking challenge and the students practice with a real practice “rig” to prepare. There are judges from the community who watch the event and speak with each team following their challenge. All parents are invited to watch.


    The NPG hosts a fun family-friendly bingo night every year just before Halloween. Parents and children dress up for the event. Dinner is served and prizes are given to bingo winners.


    Every year, on Halloween (or the closest school day to it), the students put on a Halloween parade on the lower playground so the students can see one another in the elaborate and creative costumes they wear that day. Children do not wear their costumes to school but change into them prior to the parade. Parents are invited and this is a very well attended event each year.


    The Hillsborough Schools Foundation (HSF) holds HSF Pledge Day every fall and they ask that everyone wear green on this very special day in support of the schools.


    The NPG hosts a Family Movie Night every year in September as a welcome back to school event. Dinner is usually available for purchase. Family members bring lawn chairs and blankets to the North lawn and when it becomes dark, a family movie is played on a giant screen.


    The vocal music teacher prepares the students to perform in a musical each year. The musicals are arranged into K/1, 2/3 and 4/5 groupings. These musicals are usually a culmination of a trimester of hard work that the students and music teacher all share together.


    The NPG hosts an awe-inspiring student talent show every year in winter. Children perform solo and group acts. The event is a wonderful way for children to show off talents in areas that are often not visible in the daily school environment. There is a concession selling snacks and the proceeds support this amazing event.


    North School holds an Open House one evening each spring for students to show off their work. Student work is on display in each classroom and art from the Art in Action program is on display in the MPR. This is the culmination event of the year, so please plan on attending.


    School pictures are taken each year by a professional photography company.Student photos are done outdoors and there are both individual photos and class photos taken.The photos are available for purchase shortly after.


    Every spring North School lets students read all day. Children often wear pajamas and bring props like sleeping bags to enhance the special feel that day. Children read in all of their settings and often guest readers appear too.


    This week in October, all students learn about and focus on making healthy choices regarding drug, alcohol, and tobacco use.

    STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, and Math) FAIR

    Where North students have a chance every year to be scientists, conduct experiments, and share their passion for STEAM. Projects are of their own design, and students may work in groups, solo, or with the help of parents and other community members to create their project and display their results for all to see.


    North School hosts an annual school spelling bee. Each classroom holds a class spelling bee and the finalist from each class moves on to compete in a school-wide spelling bee with the entire student body watching.


    During the course of the school year, the Student Council periodically arranges “Spirit Days”, when all students are encouraged to participate in an activity that shows their school spirit, such as dressing in pajamas, or wearing “silly hair.”Also, children may participate in school spirit days by wearing their "North Stars" T-shirts or sweatshirts; or our school colors (blue and white) in lieu of dressing up.


    In the spring, the NPG hosts a fabulous themed luncheon to celebrate and acknowledge our Staff.The event takes place on campus and parents are invited to attend.


    The NPG hosts a Summer Reading party every year in September to celebrate all participants who complete the Burlingame Library Summer Reading program.


    Every June, the staff put on a Volunteer Appreciation Tea to show their appreciation for all of the time and energy the North volunteers put into making North the best it can be. Light snacks are served and the students perform a song to show their appreciation.


    At the very start of the school year, teachers present the curriculum and expectations for the new grade level to parents. Very important information about the school year is shared and this is an event not to miss. It is highly recommended that all parents in the family come to this event. This is a parent only event and childcare should be arranged.