Healthy Food List

  • Our goal at North School is to consider wellness when planning celebrations and activities and to help parents and teachers create a healthier learning environment for all our children making it easier for children to make healthy choices for themselves.

    We would like class celebrations to include a ‘RAINBOW’ of food choices, which would include at least one item from each of the food groups listed below.By providing a variety of choices there will always be something for everyone! We have put together a combined list of GO FOODS (those that can be eaten almost anytime) and SLOW FOODS (those that should be eaten sometimes) for classroom celebrations.

    FRUITS: All fresh and frozen assorted fruits, dried fruits, 100% fruit leathers/roll-ups, raisins, canned fruits packed in 100% juice or light syrup, 100% juice, frozen 100% juice bars, 100% fruit jelly or jam, and lemonade.

    VEGETABLES: All fresh vegetables, dried seaweed, dried kale chips, baked veggie chips, oven baked sweet potato fries.

    WHOLE GRAINS: Breads, bagels, pitas, tortilla chips, pizza, crackers, unsweetened cereal, granola, pretzels, popcorn, graham crackers, baked gold fish, baked potato chips, muffins, rice, rice cakes, animal crackers, cereal/breakfast bars.

    DAIRY PRODUCTS: Plain white milk, yogurt, yogurt dips, unprocessed cheese or cheese sticks, cottage cheese, frozen yogurt, real whipped cream, cream cheese.

    MEATS/PROTEINS: Whole nuts, seeds, beans, soybeans, peanut butter, almond butter, hummus, tofu, quinoa, bean dips, deli meats, jerky, chicken/turkey/tofu hot dogs, hardboiled eggs, seafood and fish.


    The following foods will be considered WHOA FOODS (those that should be eaten rarely) and the students may have ONE of the following items served to them at a class party: cupcake, cookie, chocolate, donut, ice cream, piece of candy, slice of cake or pie, popsicle, sweetened breakfast cereal, soda, hot chocolate, and flavored milk.


    We fully respect that parents have their own standard for their child’s nutrition, including dietary goals and restrictions, and of course, parents may send whatever snacks and lunch is appropriate for their child’s needs, including GO, SLOW and WHOA foods!