Homework Policy

  • Homework Policy Key Points

    The purposes of meaningful homework are:

    • Practicing a learned skill
    • Valuable extension of learning time
    • Assist in developing Essential Outcomes, including good study habits, responsibility, self-discipline and independence.

    The whole child is important; homework will allow for all aspects of social, emotional, intellectual growth and family time.

    Everyone has responsibilities (Superintendent, Principals, Teachers, Parents, Students)

    Differentiation agreements should be made, when appropriate.

    Reading should be a part of daily life.

    No homework or special projects will be due day after weekend or holiday breaks.

    Feedback from teachers to students should be timely.

    Students will be encouraged to pursue passions; teachers will suggest, but not require family time.

    Time limits/special projects, will be developmentally appropriate.


    Below is a copy of Board Policy 6154(b) on Homework and Missed Assignments

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