• Student Council Mission

    The primary goal of the Student Council is to encourage the elected officers and class representatives to learn about the governing process. This includes meeting management, setting and achieving goals, fund raising, and most importantly, responsibility. The Student Council should consist of student leadership and student brain power.

    Student Council Purpose

    1)Build leadership

    2)Teach democratic process

    3)Focus on school spirit


    North School uses an election and selection method to acquire its student council officers. We believe that having both methods offers an opportunity for various types of students. We start the process every September by explaining the entire process to all 4th and 5th grade students.

    Student Council Membership:


    Step 1: The Election Process

    1) Primary Election

    Students interested in running in the election submit paperwork and run in a primary election. All prospective candidates write a paragraph stating why the candidate believes he/she will be a good candidate. These paragraphs are compiled and turned into a voter’s pamphlet for the students to read. All 3rd-5th grade students are provided time to read the voter’s pamphlet and they vote for their top 10 candidates.

    2) Final Election:


    The top 10 winners from the primary election run a campaign including making a poster. Then give a 2-3 minute speech in front of all students in the school. Directly after the speeches, all students in 2nd-5th grade vote for their top 5 back in their classrooms. The top 5 winners from the election become the first 5 officers of student council. These students are notified as soon as the election is over. These students do not run for a specific office.

    Step 2: The Selection Process

    After the election is over, all students in 4th and 5th grade are again told about the selection process and any interested candidates submit a letter of interest. Next, some staff members read these letters and carefully select 5 more student officers. The officers usually end up being a group of five 4th grade students and five 5th grade students. It is always very difficult to select among so many qualified candidates.

    Student Officer Designation Process

    Once the 10 officers are in place, the student council advisors meet with them to determine how the specific offices will be assigned. The students have a say in how officer roles will be filled. The following positions are available: co-presidents, co-vice presidents, co-treasurers, co-publicity directors, and co-secretaries. Any elected or selected member may fulfill any of these roles.

    Full Student Council

    In addition to the officers, each class selects or elects a class representative and alternate too. The full student council meets one time per month.

    Goal Setting

    At the first full student council meetings, the student council sets goals for the year. The following activities are common:




    Spirit Days

    Typically, the student council chooses 2-3 days per year for students to show their spirit by choosing a themed-dress day.



    The student council also organizes fundraisers to fund certain goals the student council chooses. Every October the student council runs their main fundraiser to raise money for the programs they support. Students are encouraged to sell the products if it fits with their family values.

    Student Store


    Typically the student council members hold student stores with small items for sale, such as pencils, toys, etc.

    Bake Sales

    Typically the student council officers hold 2-3 bake sales per year.

    If you would like any further information about student council, please feel free to contact Quinn Devine.