Previous District Initiatives

  • Homework Goal (2017)

    In 2016-2017 school year, HCSD focused on homework to ensure that it is used to 1) help students develop the traits in the Essential Outcomes, 2) is assigned with full regard to the latest research, on homework and learning, and 3) is differentiated when possible. The Board approved a new homework policy at the May 10, 2017 meeting. As part of the process, research on homework was conducted and the documents and links below were created.

    HCSD Forward (2014)

    The purpose of HCSD Forward is to collaboratively develop a Vision for the district that will guide our decision-making over the course of the next ten years. The Vision will be created so as to be flexible enough to allow for adaptations and revisions during the implementation phase. Through a collaborative process that included staff, parents, and community members, five initiatives were presented to the Board and approved on February 11, 2014. Those goals and now heading to the implementation stage, and are listed below.

    • World Language/World Culture
      • Students in our district will develop a perspective and appreciation of multiple world cultures and will engage with multiple world languages led by high-quality, well-trained staff members.
      • Students will learn how to approach multiple cultures and languages, and develop an understanding and appreciation of the fact that we live in an interconnected global village.
      • As they progress in our system, students will select one world language to learn more deeply, with an option for students who choose a rigorous course of instruction to move towards fluency.

    • Technology
      • Students and staff will utilize technology to enhance learning, to find and assimilate information, to create content, to demonstrate learning, to practice skills, to express ideas, and to build solutions.
      • Students and staff will create, explore, curate, publish, write, present, edit, film, and engage with others while effectively utilizing a myriad of different tools, and exhibiting digital citizenship.
      • Our district will continuously invest resources to adapt to new technologies that can contribute to learning and teaching and provide the infrastructure, training, and support necessary to ensure success.

    • Meeting Specific Needs of Students
      • Identify and nurture the talents and needs of all students (the gifted, those that have specific needs, those with various learning styles, etc. Different strategies may need to be employed for different groups)

    • Professional Growth
      • Create a district wide culture of professional growth and collaboration by implementing a well-resourced system that leads to improved teaching and learning, spurs innovation, and encourages life-long learning for all staff members.

    • HCSD Culture
      • Build and encourage a culture of creativity, nimbleness, reasoned experimentation, and real-world application to prepare learners, both students and adults, for today and the future.