Vision, Mission and Essential Outcomes

  • Our mission is to develop students who think critically, act ethically, and embrace challenge. 

    HCSD Core Values

    Empower...students and educators to be their best selves, try new things, and take risks
    Engage...with each other and be passionate about what we do -- at school and in our community learners, thinkers, communicators, and citizens over a lifetime

    HCSD Mission Statement

    Our mission is to develop students who think critically, act ethically, and embrace challenge.

    We will accomplish this mission by focusing on our Essential Outcomes, providing our students with an educational experience that serves as a roadmap for future success in an ever-changing society. 
    Working in partnership with  parents, school staff, and community, our students will work towards becoming:

    People of good character 
    Innovators and problem solvers
    Effective communicators
    Global citizens
    Lifelong learners
    Effective users of information, media, and technology

    Essential Outcomes:

    With the support of the whole school community, students will work towards becoming…

    People of good character who are…

    • ethical, trustworthy, responsible, fair, and respectful
    • empathetic, caring, kind, and positively intentioned
    • invested in making a positive impact on their family, community, and world
    • self-reliant, self-directed, and demonstrate positive self-advocacy

    Innovators and problem solvers who are…

    • critical, innovative, and creative contributors
    • collaborative, constructive, and dependable group members and leaders
    • flexible, adaptable, and reflective
    • risk takers who understand that failure is temporary
    • resilient, perseverant, and show grit

    Effective communicators who…

    • listen to and think deeply about multiple perspectives
    • are clear, persuasive, and can articulate complex ideas
    • utilize a variety of communication modes, including writing
    • speak with confidence
    • ask questions to enhance their understanding

    Global citizens who…

    • embrace other cultures, communities, and people of all abilities
    • have an understanding of other languages, religions, cultures, and lifestyles
    • see themselves as part of an interconnected, interdependent world

    Lifelong learners who…

    • pursue and contribute to their passions
    • have strong content knowledge that is broad, deep, and continues to grow
    • demonstrate initiative, are organized, and plan ahead
    • have follow-through, show diligence, and maintain focus
    • are curious and pursue learning for its own sake

    Effective users of information, media, and technology who…

    • can access, analyze, and synthesize information
    • distinguish between reliable and unreliable information
    • can use technology to research, create, communicate, and express ideas
    • demonstrate positive and appropriate digital citizenship