Citizen of the Year and Community Care Awards

  • The Hillsborough Schools' Citizen of the Year Award honors a resident who has made a sustained and significant contribution to Hillsborough, especially to the education and well being of our children. Nominees should be widely recognized as respected leaders who have created a lasting legacy for our community. Typically the nominee will have served in a variety of volunteer roles with their contributions spanning a decade or more.

    The Hillsborough Schools' Community Care Award honors a non-resident, typically in a salaried position with the School District or Town of Hillsborough or other vital community role. Nominee’s will have made a sustained and significant contribution that has broadly touched the lives of our children. These contributions are widely recognized as having lasting impact to our community.

    Nominations for both awards are sought from the entire community. The persons honored are selected by the Associated Parents’ Groups of Hillsborough. Recipients are honored at a dedicated reception.

    The Associated Parents Groups of Hillsborough is proud to honor the 2023-2024 recipients
    Kelly Scandalios, Citizen of the Year, and Ryan Carroll, Community Care Award

    Citizen of the Year and Community Care Recipients