• Welcome to the 2023-24 School Year! This will be the second year the Hillsborough City School District provides free breakfast and lunches to all students who request a meal, under California’s Universal Meals mandate. The District continues to use The LunchMaster as our vended meals provider. However, unlike last year when parents and guardians ordered meals by Tuesday 9am the week prior, this year, District staff will calibrate student meal preferences and place a monthly bulk order for the students accordingly, making it hassle-free to our parents and guardians.  

    Whether or not you created a LunchMaster account for your student last year, you won’t need to do anything; HCSD will handle the ordering for you. You do not have to create a LunchMaster account for your student. All allergy information provided in summer re-registration will be imported. If there are any changes to allergies after you complete the re-registration, please notify your school’s Administrative Assistant to update your child(ren)’s record in PowerSchool.

    Enclosed are August, 2023 menu for Breakfast, Lunch, and Vegan/Gluten free lunch, followed by allergen information for each menu item.  Going forward, the menu will be posted on this page every month.

    Everyday there are four entrees for lunch. The menu will also be posted at the entry of the lunch area at each school site. Please review the menu with your child and on the days they do not wish to have school meals, pack them one from home.  

    For other information, including questions concerning the Free and Reduced Lunch Applications, please refer to the Universal Meals FAQs.

    Here at HCSD, we strive to provide nutritious and compliant meals to our students, so that they are well nourished to receive the wonderful education HCSD is dedicated to providing! Wish you all a great new School Year!