• Welcome Incoming Superintendent Ana de Arce!
    (beginning July 1, 2024)

    Board with Ana de Arce

    On Wednesday evening, January 17th, at the Regular School Board Meeting of the Hillsborough City School District, our Trustees voted unanimously to ratify the Superintendent's Employment Contract for Ms. Ana de Arce, commencing on July 1, 2024. The vote followed meaningful remarks shared by Trustee Greg Dannis: “Hiring a superintendent is the single most important thing a Board can do, and this Board takes this responsibility very seriously. That is because a superintendent is not just the Lead Learner or the CEO – they are an expression of the Board. They express how we wish to serve our students, support our staff, and how we want to relate to our parents and greater community. She, in this case, represents the Board’s priorities, sensibilities and collective personality; She personifies how we wish to treat people in our District.” Trustee Dannis, who has worked with Ana for 10 years, continued, “I think I speak for the whole Board when I say we are extremely proud of how we are fulfilling our most significant responsibility as trustees of this District in choosing Ana as our next superintendent.”

    Ana, who was joined by her husband Takashi Fukuda, was presented with flowers and bundles of ‘swag’ from our Principals, our Parents’ Groups, HSF, and the District Office. Prior to the meeting, Ana had the opportunity to meet many HCSD educators, staff members and parents during the informal Meet & Greet events hosted by the Board in the Crocker Library. “We feel so excited and lucky,” Board President Oliff shared, “to have found someone that cares so deeply about students, who is passionate about teaching and learning, and invested in building relationships and building community.”

    The Board will keep our community updated with future opportunities to meet Ana. You can read Ana’s statement to the community below:

    A Message from Incoming Superintendent Ana de Arce:

    Dear Hillsborough City School District Community,

    With heartfelt gratitude and humility, I embrace the honor of serving as superintendent at HCSD. Although new to this community, I find myself constantly inspired by its values, which I uncover through engaging conversations with the Board of Trustees, Dr. Carlomagno, educators, and parent leaders.

    My twenty-two years in public service as a teacher, principal, and Assistant Superintendent reflect a commitment to public education. I am here to contribute and to weave into the rich tapestry of HCSD, collaborating with educators, students, families, staff, and the entire Hillsborough Community.

    The trust bestowed by the Board of Trustees is both a responsibility and an opportunity to continue the legacy of excellence. Together, we can positively impact our children's lives, fostering an environment where we prepare students to thrive in a world that has yet to be imagined.

    I am genuinely excited about getting to know you, understanding your unique strengths, and working together for a radiant future for our students.

    In service of our children and with a heart full of gratitude,


    December 22, 2023 update from the HCSD Board of Trustees:

    Welcome Superintendent Ana de Arce!

    Ana de ArceThe Board of Trustees of the Hillsborough City School District is pleased to announce it has selected Ms. Ana de Arce [Ahn-a day ARE-say] to become the District’s next superintendent effective July 1, 2024. Following an extensive search with input from administrators, staff, parents, and other District community members, the Board unanimously selected Ms. de Arce from an impressive pool of highly qualified candidates. Ms. de Arce brings 22 years of experience in education, underscoring her wide-ranging expertise and commitment to educational leadership. The Board is confident Ms. de Arce will continue our District’s positive trajectory, building on the strengths, experience and expertise of our administrators, teachers, staff and community partners, and will also bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas borne of her extensive years of service to public education.

    The Board believes Ms. de Arce is the right person to help HCSD continue our pursuit of excellence in educational programs as well as a focus on the social and emotional needs of all students. She has a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of school systems including student discipline, personnel matters, budget and resources, curriculum design, research and assessments, special education, labor relations, legislation and policy alignment, bond management, facilities construction, and technology. She values relationships, collaboration, and strives to build a cohesive team. In her own words, the people she works with matters.

    The Board recruitment team spoke with numerous individuals about Ms. de Arce, including a highly respected (and fiercely candid) former Superintendent and a former Chief of Labor Relations. They described Ms. de Arce as reflective, insightful, a relationship person with excellent listening and communication skills and with a nuanced approach to problem solving. Ms. de Arce is a natural leader who has been asked to take on increasingly complex administrative roles and responsibilities. She develops and nurtures leadership in others, with a strong moral compass to always do the right thing for students. Both of these individuals stated without reservation that Ms. de Arce is well prepared and absolutely ready to successfully lead a school district; in fact, she has been acting in a superintendent capacity for six years, first with 16 and now 72 schools, which is larger than many school districts in California. The announcement to the community of Ms. de Arce's selection, as well as current and previous leadership positions, key responsibilities, and educational background is available here.

    In Her Own Words
    Ana is as enthusiastic about coming to Hillsborough as we are to welcome her. She shared: "I am genuinely excited about getting to know you, understanding your unique strengths, and working together for a radiant future for our students. Together, we can positively impact our children's lives, fostering an environment where we prepare students to thrive in a world that has yet to be imagined."

    In Partnership with Louann
    Superintendent Carlomagno has already connected with Ms. de Arce and said, “I am thankful beyond words that our Board of Trustees selected Ana. She will lead our District with passion and enthusiasm and will care for our schools and community as deeply as I do. We are so fortunate to have her join HCSD!"

    With Appreciation
    The Board, and especially the Superintendent Recruitment Team of Trustees An Huang Chen and Gregory Dannis, also thank Ms. Leilani Bell, HCSD Director of Human Resources for her exceptional management of the recruitment process, with support from District staff members Antoinette Henson and Margaux Mansfield.

    Next Steps
    Subject to Board ratification of an employment agreement at its regularly scheduled meeting on January 17, 2024, Ms. de Arce will begin her Superintendency on July 1, 2024. We look forward to welcoming Ms. de Arce to the Hillsborough City School District community and supporting her in every way we can to ensure her success and the continued excellence of our District. We will schedule opportunities for students, staff, parents/guardians, and community partners to meet Ms. de Arce as the year unfolds and anticipate our first public meet and greet event immediately prior to the 6pm Board meeting on Wednesday, January 17th. Stay tuned for additional details.

    In Closing
    Ana is a thoughtful leader with an extraordinary blend of qualities that make her exceptionally well-suited for this role. Her experience as an assistant superintendent, coupled with a deep commitment to student success and educational excellence, positions her as an ideal superintendent. We can't wait for our community to get to know her!

    HCSD Board of Education
    Kim Oliff, President 
    Don Geddis, Vice President
    Gregory Dannis, Clerk
    An Huang Chen, Trustee
    Gilbert Wai, Trustee