Public Engagement Accommodations for Board of Trustees Meetings

  • In light of the Global Pandemic, the Board of Trustees has decided to hold its meetings by teleconference. Governor Newsom issued an order relaxing some of the Brown Act’s requirements for teleconferencing but emphasized that government agencies must still provide the public with a meaningful way to participate in public meetings.

    HCSD values the health and safety of our community, elected officials, and staff. We also very much value the public’s need and right to meaningfully participate and comment in public proceedings. HCSD has every intention of providing a physical location for members of the public to view and participate in the public Board meetings; however, in light of the March 31st Shelter in Place order for San Mateo County and the serious health risks that members of the public could face by gathering together in one room, HCSD will instead provide the public with a link to join via Zoom.

    To that end, below please find the Zoom link for the next regularly scheduled Board meeting, which will allow you to participate in the open session portion of the meeting. The virtual meeting will be recorded, the video of which will be posted within 24 hours of the meeting’s conclusion.

    During the pandemic, there may be Board meetings scheduled as special meetings of the Board for the staff to share updates regarding the District’s response to the pandemic and for the Board to ask questions and offer direction to Superintendent Carlomagno.

    Please review the information below regarding the different ways you can access the agenda, attend the virtual meeting, participate and provide comment, and locate the minutes and video of the meeting once it concludes.

    “As a member of the public, I want to…”

    ...access the agenda for the Board of Trustees meeting: 

    Click here to access the HCSD Board of Trustees agenda posted on the District’s Agenda Online.

    ...attend the virtual meeting of the Board of Trustees meeting:

    Please refer to Upcoming Board meeting page for meeting dates and link to join Zoom meeting.

    ...ask a question or comment during to the open session portion of the Board meeting

    Members of the public can join the meeting via Zoom and will have an opportunity to ask questions or provide comments during the appropriate time in the meeting.

    ...access the video recording of the Board of Trustee meeting: 

    Twenty four hours after the conclusion of each Board meeting, the video recording of the open session will be available by clicking here. The minutes for each Board meeting will be available by clicking here once they are approved at the next scheduled Board meeting.

    We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented circumstances. Should you have questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out at