Student Leadership

  • Leadership opportunities are available to students throughout the school:

    Student Council

    Student Council officers from the 4th and 5th grades, and representatives from 2nd through 5th grade attend monthly meetings to discuss school needs, climate and events. Council members facilitate the community drives that occur during the year and present at school board meetings.

    Pawsitive Patrol

    Fourth and fifth grades students have opportunities to take on leadership and support their school community.

    Green Ambassadors

    Each year two new Green Ambassadors are elected or appointed in every class. The Green Ambassador will be responsible for recycling in the classroom, energy use in the classroom, making sure lights are turned off when not needed, and the reuse of materials. The Green Ambassadors also provide green tips during Monday morning announcements. The green tips will be tips that our students can use in school and at home to help our earth.

    Our South School garden which was planted last spring by the Green Ambassadors has been a real success!

    Green Ambassadors will spend time harvesting all the fruits and vegetables that were planted in the spring. The Fall Ambassadors will be planting in late October or early November.

    Everyone at South is so excited with our new garden fence built by our wonderful volunteers on Fathers & Friends Day! Many thanks for their hard work!

    Jr. Fire Marshals

    One representative from each of our classrooms is chosen to help with school safety. JFMs are responsible for reading the monthly Fire Safety Newsletter to their class and they monitor and support classroom safety drills.

    Buddy Classes

    Upper grade classes pair up with our primary classes to share in learning opportunities throughout the school year.