• Traffic Flow and Control

    •  A primary responsibility of West School parents and teachers is student safety. You can support this by following our traffic guidelines, especially during drop-off and pick-up times.

     Be Safety Conscious and Alert

    • Drive slowly and watch carefully for all pedestrians, especially children. Children can become easily distracted and may forget to look out for cars.

    Use The Drop-Off/Pick-Up Lane Appropriately

    • Cars may not park, nor drivers exit their cars, in this lane. During pick-up, if your child is not waiting when you reach the curb, please park (in the lot or on Barbara Way), or exit and circle the drive again. Additionally, please
    • Do not “cut” to the front of the line.
    • Make sure children have backpacks ready to go as you enter the driveway.
    • Do not require your child to retrieve items from the trunk of your car.
    • Please pull forward as far as possible before they enter/exit the vehicle.
    • Have them exit/enter the car from the passenger side only.
    • Discourage them from engaging in conversations as they walk alongside your vehicle.

    No Standing or Parking in or Along Yellow-Striped Crosswalks

    • At pick-up, drivers tend to use this area to wait until they see their child waiting at the curb; however, this causes tremendous traffic back-up on Barbara Way. Please park or exit and circle the drive again.

    No Standing or Parking in Red Zones at Any Time

    • The one exception is as you move forward in the drop-off lane. You may be forced to wait in line until you can pull forward.

    Students Are Not To Be Picked Up or Dropped Off In the Driving Lanes, Or Cross the Driveway By Themselves

    • This is extremely dangerous since they must potentially navigate through moving traffic.

    After School Parking in School Lot

    This area is for parking and then walking to retrieve children from their classrooms. It is not a drive-thru pick-up area. We have added more parking spaces to support overflow and we are hopeful that the area will be used appropriately.

    • Children must be escorted to their car.
    • Please get out of your car to retrieve your child from the classroom dismissal area.
    • Children should not enter this parking area without adult supervision.
    • You must be especially vigilant when driving in and out of the parking lot. Students walking to and from school and are oftentimes walking across the entrance to the parking area.

    The Most Safe Practice of all is to allow adequate time to complete the drop-off and pick-up process without having to hurry. We encourage parents to socialize and conduct school business after safely parking their cars.