Crocker Parent Group

  • Crocker Middle School Parent Group was organized to promote the welfare of the children attending Crocker and to encourage cooperation among parents, teachers, administrators and the trustees of Hillsborough School Board. It is a part of the Associated Parents' Groups of Hillsborough (APG). All Crocker parents or guardians are members of the Parent Group; all PG members who have paid their dues have voting rights.

    Crocker Middle School Parent Group Website

    Crocker Student Handbook


    Crocker Morning Buzz:

    Do you want to know what is happening at Crocker on a day-to-day basis? Check out the Morning Buzz! This is a page of daily announcements, calendar events and the Crocker Viking Twitter feed! Each morning all 1st period classes go over this information and it's a good way for you to see what is happening at Crocker.