West School Student Council

  • West School has a very sophisticated Student Council election process. We have two elections- one in the fall and one in January. The guidelines include four major steps: Paperwork, Interviews, Campaign Poster, and Speech.

    The required application paperwork includes: Write a cover letter describing why the candidate would be a good officer- stating qualifications, interests, skills, etc.; prepare and include a resume; include a report card from the end of last year or previous trimester.

    Teachers will then paper screen the applications to make sure they were handed in on time with all three requirements. We expect the candidates to display their best effort on their applications. The criteria includes applications done well - have all three items - turned in on time. Students who meet these expectations will go to the next phase.

    The second phase includes candidate interviews. All candidates who are interviewed will go on to make a campaign poster and give a speech to the student body (3rd, 4th and 5th graders.) The speeches and voting will happen on the same day.

    We encourage parents to support their children if they show an interest. The process will offer opportunities for academic and social growth.

    The Fifth Grade Teachers are the Student Council Advisors. Please feel free to call me or contact the 5th Grade Teachers if you have any questions. I always look forward to a vibrate election process for our students!